Ageing Wine

Ageing is one of those things that distinguishes wine from almost every other alcoholic drink. But that said, not all wine is suitable for ageing. In this article we look at what ageing is and why it matters.

Carbonic Maceration

Carbonic maceration is a wine-making technique using carbon dioxide to generate micro-fermentation within individual grapes, resulting in young, aromatic, fruit-rich wines for everyday drinking.

Fermenting Vessels

Fermentation is the key part of the winemaking process. So in this article we look at the main types of vessels vineyards use to ferment their wines - stainless steel, wooden barrels, and concrete.

How Cava is Made

Cava is one of Spain’s best known and best loved sparkling wines and one of the country’s most successful wine exports. So, what’s special about Cava and why should you give it more than a second look?

How Red Wine is Made

The science might sound straightforward, but the process of getting from a grape in the vineyard to a glass on the table is often a long one, with multiple steps and lots of subtle but important decisions to be made along the way.

How White Wine is Made

We may all love wine, but not everyone stops to think how the wine they’re drinking got to the glass. But for those that do, we thought we’d outline the process from grape to glass.

Old Vines

You will often see the term "old vines" on a wine label. No-one has formally agreed on the minimum age for vines to be termed "old", but many people use 35 years as something of a standard. The question is: does it make a difference to the wine?

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