White wine grapes hanging on a vine

Albillo Real

Where is Albillo Real from and where can I find it?

Albillo Real is a native Spanish white variety grown historically in Castilla, especially Ribera del Duero, Avila and Madrid, as well as Galicia. From the 16th century until the mid-20th century it was consumed primarily as a table grape. These days, white wines made from Albillo Real are increasingly in demand although it’s still hard to find it outside Spain.

What are Albillo Real’s main characteristics?

Albillo Real ripens early and is quite resistant to drought. In the winery, it can be quite oxidative; in other words, the chemical reactions can speed up quite a bit when it comes into contact with oxygen, which means the wine can develop more nutty, sherry-like characteristics if the winemaker isn’t careful.

What do Albillo Real wines taste like?

Wines made from Albillo Real tend to be quite pale in colour, with delicious aromas of quince, pear, orange blossom and jasmine, sometimes with a touch of grapefruit skin. The wines can be quite dense almost oily in the mouth, with good structure and, occasionally, a slightly bitter aftertaste. A slightly more serious option then, ideal for drinking with food.

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