An aerial shot of vineyards at Spanish wine producer Lagravera


The Lagravera winery and vineyards are located along and around the Serra Llarga, a mountain range on the axis between the Pyrenees and the Ebro river valley.

Under the watchful eye of chief winemaker Pilar Salillas, the Lagravera team are fanatical about natural production processes. It’s a philosophy that is not only deeply rooted in local tradition, but also backed up by science. Pilar is an agricultural engineer by training, but she loves getting her hands dirty.

Pilar Salillas, head winemaker at Lagravera

Pilar Salillas, Head Winemaker at Lagravera

So when they talk about minimal intervention and biodynamic agriculture, it’s not because they are jumping on the latest winemaking bandwagon. It’s because they know the science behind good quality winemaking.

As well as using ancestral practices, such as grape treading or observing the cycle of the moon and stars to guide their work in the vineyard, the team are dead set against using chemical products – “no chemical, brothers” as they say in their video. Instead, they work in harmony with the environment and the vineyards to let the grapes express themselves as nature intended.

It’s a wise approach. In terms of terruño, this is a great part of Spain for winemaking. The secret to that lies in the soil. The Serra Llarga mountain range is particularly high in gypsum – a key mineral used in fertilisers. Here, in its natural form, the gypsum provides Lagravera’s wines with freshness and salinity, making them absolutely gastronomic.

Serra Llaga

The Serra Llarga mountain range seen from them air

Mountains in this area also affect the climate. Despite being just 100km from the sea, the coastal mountain ranges stand between Lagravera and the calming influence of the ocean. As a result, the climate here is harsh and continental. Summers are long and dry, and temperatures extreme. In the summer, temperatures can reach 40ºC; and in the winter, drop to -10ºC. And daytime temperatures can reach up to 32-35ºC then drop to 12-15ºC at night.

The end result are wines that perfectly express the region where they are grown and the soils in which they thrive. Rich, mineral and full of flavour, Lagravera’s wines are a perfect accompaniment to a wide range of meals, and perfect to sip and enjoy on their own.

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