One of the vineyards at Spanish wine producer I Tant Vins

I Tant Vins

"I Tant" is a Catalan phrase – it's what people say when the penny drops, and something you've suspected all along gets confirmed. In this case, that something is the distinctive aroma and flavour of the native grapes of Terra Alta in southern Catalunya.

Set up in 2012, the project is the brainchild of Joan Àngel Lliberia, head man at Edetària, one of Terra Alta's most respected wineries, and firm defender of the unique character and personality of indigenous Catalan grape varieties, particularly Garnacha. I Tant's aim is to produce top quality, value for money wines that really reflect the typical characteristics of their region.

The team at iTant Vins

“The location is magical,” says Joan (pictured left), “in front of us are terraces of vines, almond and olive trees, with stone walls, all framed by the Pàndols, Cavalls and Els Ports mountain ranges in the background. I never tire of contemplating this landscape.”

Terra Alta also provides Joan and his team a very broad range of soils to work with. That gives them lots of subtle nuances to work with when crafting their wines. Each vineyard has its own personality, which depends mainly on the characteristics of the soil, its location and orientation.

With their commitment to native varieties and old vines, I Tant produce wines of character and personality that really are an expression of their homeland.

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