Spanish wine producer Casar de Burbia

Casar de Burbia

History and Tradition

Casar de Burbia is the genuine article – a proper family-run winery in the heart of the Denominación de Origen Bierzo in the northwest of Spain. When Nemesio Fernández began to buy vineyard plots planted with old vines at the end of the 1980s, he was going against the tide. At the time, growers were gradually abandoning the uplands around the village of Valtuille de Arriba in favour of higher-yielding plots lower down on the valley floor.

Looking back now, Nemesio's son Isidro praises his father's vision for securing these harder to cultivate, less fertile plots and saving the historic, high altitude Mencía vines, many of which were planted as long ago as 1900. Today, Casar de Burbia covers some 27 hectares split across no less than 52 individual plots.


Soil and Wine

Terroir is to the fore at Casar de Burbia – altitude, orientation, and the stony, ruddy soil all help add complexity and character to Casar's wines. Respect for the land and winemaking tradition is a key part of Isidro’s philosophy and his focus on sustainable viticulture means all the wines are certified organic.


Research and Development in the Vineyard

R&D is key to how Isidro works at Casar de Burbia. But rather than taking him down the road of modern techniques and meddling with the wine, it has actually led him to focus on the benefits of traditional farming techniques and minimum intervention in the winery. By taking proper care of his land and his vines, Isidro ensures that the grapes are able to express themselves fully when it comes to making the wine.



Wines made by Casar de Burbia

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