You may not know it, but Spain makes some of the best white wines in the world. Albariño is fast becoming an international heavyweight, and aged Riojan whites are among the most highly ranked wines in the world.

But Spain also has tremendous diversity in its whites. From crisp Verdejos to fragrant Malvasías and Viuras. From full, rounded Godellos, to austere, sharp Txakolis - the breadth of white wine on offer in Spain is second to none. So, join us as we guide you through the wonderful world of Spanish white wine.

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White Wine Grapes

Learn more about the fantastic grapes which underpin Spain's reputation as one of the world's top producers of quality white wines.


    Often seen as a substitute for Sauvignon Blanc, 4 in every 10 bottles of white wine sold in Spain is made from Verdejo.


    Fast becoming a superstar outside Spain, Albariño produces delicious wines with fresh fruit and crisp citrus flavours.


    With plenty of fruit and a touch of minerailty, Godello wines have a bit more complexity than the average white.


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Discover the regions of Spain that are leading the way in white wine production