At Simply Spanish Wine, we believe that great wines start in the vineyard. And we spend time tracking down producers who feel the same way.

Rosalía Molino, Altolandon

People like Rosalía at Altolandon. Organic production is at the heart of Rosalía's philosophy, and her team adhere strictly to organic farming processes. Which means all their wines are bottled with the EU Organic label. Nature also lends a hand. Altolandon's vineyards sit at over 1,000m up on the exposed plains. That means they get plenty of wind, which keeps the plants aerated and helps stave off fungal disease. So the team don’t need any chemical pesticides to keep the vines healthy.

Isidro Fernández, Casar de Burbia

Then there’s Isidro at Casar de Burbia in Bierzo. Working primarily with Mencía and Godello grapes, he develops each plot where the vines are grown individually. This gives him control of everything from vine management to fermentation and beyond, and ensures that the subtle differences between each plot are reflected in the final wine.

Producers like these are at the heart of our drive to bring you exceptional wines, at accessible prices. And they give us a great opportunity to explain to you exactly what is in each bottle you buy – and help you learn more about Spanish grape varieties, discover different Spanish wine regions and understand some of the winemaking techniques used to make Spanish wine.

So why not take a look at our great wine selection, and buy yourself a few bottles of exceptional wine that really do have their roots in the vineyard.

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