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Galicia, North-west Spain
Aromatic, White fruit, Floral notes
White fish, Octopus

What is Treixadura and where is it found?

Treixadura is the main white grape in the Ribeiro DO in Galicia, where you’ll often find it blended with other local Galician white varieties like Godello or Torrontés. But you’ll also find it in blends in other Galician DOs, as well as in Portugal where it is known as Trajadura and is often added to the famous Vinho Verde to add a bit of body.

Treixadura's main characteristics

Treixadura is a late-ripening variety, which means winegrowers need to take care to ensure it ripens properly ahead of harvest so that wines are balanced. That means you’ll find it on lower plots, or southerly facing plots to make the most of the warmth.

What do Treixadura wines taste like?

Treixadura is a grape that offers quite refined aromas in the glass, with well balanced, fresh acidity and a good level of complexity. Expect aromatic, refreshing white wines, with stone and citrus fruits, and notes of white flowers.

Where can I try some Treixadura?

Treixadura has been growing in popularity in recent years and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a white blend with it in it. But here at Simply Spanish Wine, we like D’Mateo Quintas from Atlantic Galician Wineries which is a blend of Treixadura, Godello and Torrontés. Manually harvested, the three varieties are fermented separately before being blended.

It’s straw yellow, with a clean, steely and mineral nose and aromas of fresh young apple and crisp pear. The more herbaceous notes on the palate, coupled with green apple, citrus and lime, give it a deliciously juicy feeling in the mouth. A very good alternative for all those Sauvignon Blanc fans out there.

Wines made with Treixadura

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