White wine grapes hanging on a vine


Where is Merseguera from and where can I find it?

Merseguera is a native variety from Valencia, which you can also find grown today in Alicante, particularly inland in the higher reaches of Vinalopó, and DO Jumilla.

What are Merseguera's main characteristics?

One of the main characteristics of Merseguera, highly appreciated by Mediterranean winegrowers, is its resistance to drought. It ripens slowly, especially on higher ground, and is harvested late. It works well in organically poor soils. Bunches are medium-sized and not too compact, and individual grapes tend to be rounded and greeny-yellow in colour.

Mersegura grapes tend to produce wines which are relatively low in alcohol (between 11-12% ABV) and pale to straw yellow in colour.

What does Merseguera taste like?

Merseguera has the reputation of being rather neutral, verging on the bland. However, in the right hands, and with an early harvest to avoid over-ripening, it can produce fresh, aromatic wines with light acidity and low alcohol. Higher, fresher areas will give more refined wines, with grassy and gentle fruit aromas and low to medium acidity, which makes them ideal for early consumption. In warmer areas, the alcohol levels tend to rise, hence their popularity for semi-sweet wines.

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