Spanish wine producer Bodegas Luis Pérez

Bodegas Luis Pérez

Bodegas Luis Pérez was founded in 2002, but the family have been linked to the world of wine in Jerez for generations, whether as viticulturists, capataces (cellarmasters), or bodegueros overseeing the winemaking process itself.

The winery’s founder, Luis Pérez Rodríguez, was Professor of Enology at Cádiz University and a former enologist at the famous Domecq sherry house. His son, Willy Perez, learnt much of his craft in the vineyards of McLaren Vale in southern Australia, before returning home to take over the reins of the family winery.

Willy Pérez

Willy Pérez, son of founder Luis Pérez Rodríguez, currently runs Bodegas Luis Pérez

From the outset, the project has put a strong focus on the vineyard. The team have rigorously studied each plot across the different pagos to ensure that they understand the geographical and historical factors that make each one unique, and the approach to winemaking differs for each. Native varieties have been another priority, and the team have done much to resuscitate the reputation of the local tintilla grape and demonstrate its potential for making elegant and delicate red wines.

In 2013, the winery launched a project centred on sherries made the natural way - a selection of biologically aged wines, unfortified with no added grape spirit, each one a product of the pago it came from. Finally, in 2017, the winery began to recover the tradition of vinos de pasto, the classic unfortified table wines of the region, made with Palomino grapes from the San Cayetano and La Escribana vineyards, part of the iconic Pago de Macharnudo.

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